Sunday, August 11, 2013

At night during the commercials of America's Got Talent we quickly rate our favorites and then talk about whether or not we are doing the right thing. 

We are about to do a 180 in our lifestyle and the way the raise our family. We currently live in a newer house in an upper middle class security patrolled neighborhood on a golf course with private lake, tennis courts, hiking and biking trails, and access to an award winning elementary school. And we do love it here, but when escrow closes we'll own an old yellow house on a wooded five acre lot where (at some point) we'll have goats, chickens, ducks, a crazy amount of work, and we'll start our first year homeschooling. It is what we've hoped and talked about what we'd do "when we grow up" and I guess my most recent birthday signaled my growing up. I am a grown up now! Weird.

Scrunch has started to catch on that when we move we're going to have a much larger backyard. It didn't take but a day or two for her to start making her own list. It includes a chinchilla (what is with her obsession with chinchillas?!?), a pig that we cannot kill, a tortoise, and of course what every five year old girl asks for- a pony. Last week's horse camp only added fuel to the fire. Maybe she can magic one up when she gets that pixie dust for Christmas.


cambridgeclan said...

Total lifestyle change. There is a home school PE group at Lions Park that I'm checking out tomorrow. I'll let you know what we think. Happy belated birthday. I know we've talked and texted since then and I think you even called about the plumber on your birthday. I need to write these birthdays down. We're you welcomed into your 30s?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Naomi, Let me know about the PE group and I need to send you an e-mail about those history field trips. As for birthdays, they're kind of overrated. But I still have 1 more year til 30!

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