Monday, March 31, 2008


That's how I felt. I woke up in the middle of the night, not to Little Miss, but to some terribly wrong abdominal cramping. I don't know which is worse, throwing up or just wishing you would so you could get it over with. I don't think it's anything I ate because Husband ate the same thing and he was sleeping soundly. My cooking isn't that bad. I have a feeling (actually I'm pretty sure) it was stress. Not so much stress as more dread.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Only one day a week, but the thought well, obviously makes me sick. Don't worry I'm not dropping her off anywhere. John will work from home once or twice a week and I will go back to being a nurse for eight hours of the day. I have very mixed feelings about the whole plan. I really don't have a lot to complain about. I like my job (most days), they like me, I get to work the days I want, I write my own schedule and I'm only obligated to them one weekend a month. I just wish I could take the Little Miss with me. We'd have lots of fun and my patients would love her! John said absolutely not (plus obviously it's against every OSHA policy ever written), but it was a thought. It wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have to leave her home. It's not like she's alone, she's with her Papa and he dotes on her probably more than I do.

So I guess we will see how long this lasts. I don't have-to have-to go back, but it will make owning property in the great state of CA and our next baby a little easier. Who knows maybe we'll own a house and have a couple of kids before I'm thirty after all. But don't hold your breath, it's going to kill me driving away tomorrow morning. She probably won't notice which will only make me cry harder.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It Must Be Me

Since we don't have pics today, I busted out the video cam. I tried to upload a video this evening, but it wouldn't work. It must be me because my dad didn't seem to have a problem with it. He made a very cute video of Little Miss' first swimming lesson. Check it out at Mousemovies.

Oh and tonight John asked me what little babies do when they have an itch. Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Brighter Day

Sort of. Our plans to go to the Winchester Mansion and for a picnic were thwarted by the weather. (Isn't thwarted a good word?) Instead we did some shopping. As if the forces of the universe knew our tax return would be deposited, my camera died. How sad. Not. I've been looking for a good excuse to upgrade and "gee honey, this is all we will have of our daughter's childhood when she's grown and gone" works really great. Especially when packaged with "by the way...I think it's time to upgrade the computer as well." I only had to mention it once and we were off to Fry's. We were all excited to come home a lot more broke than we started out, but it turns out we didn't buy a single thing. Very deflating. On-line looks like it is the best place for Husband's computer parts and I'm not totally sold on the camera I'll be getting. I am looking at a few and can't make up my mind. Very unlike me, but I want to like it for a while.

So in memoriam. This is the last picture my camera took. Actually second to last.

I made this embellished tee yesterday. I'm not sure if I'll take off the sleeves and add my own or if just make some matching bloomers. It's somehow very patriotic to me. Maybe Little Miss will be big enough to wear it come Sept. We'll see.

This was the last pic.

We'll be paying for expedited shipping this week so we don't miss anything our cute kid may decide to do.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Battling a Bad Mood

I woke up in a bad mood this morning, which means it was very quiet at our house. I'm going to blame it on hormones and the weather. If you think hormones are a lame excuse well, yeah probably, and if you've never had PMS then bully for you and it just figures you'd say that!

I bathed and dressed the Miss and figured this outfit, or rather bib, would be appropriate. She is as always being an absolute doll today.

In order to battle this bad mood I made myself a beautiful breakfast of banana bread, yogurt, and a giant cup of tea. Oh how I love a good cup of tea!My sweet Thai Delight is just the thing to perk me up. At our house the tea rule applies only to Black and China tea. I can live with that. I could sit, sip, and smell a good cup for over an hour. The only thing that could make it better is if I'd had some coconut milk to add rather than the whole milk we had in the fridge. (Side note: Milk doesn't have a lot going for it to begin with, so if you're going to drink it you might as well drink the whole stuff, otherwise you're just downing chalk in water.)

After breakfast I checked my e-mail and found I had one from my great friend Ang! Ang and I are on the level; meaning when we call each other up it is always "hey, I was just about to call you!" from the person receiving the call. She must have sensed my cranky vibes because the e-mail was titled Woman Porn. Being in the mood I'm in that just struck me as hilarious and it was only made better by the pics that were included. This was one of my personal favorites.

So between good friends and a good cup of tea, I'm feeling better already. I think I'll go watch Steel Magnolia's (for the second time this week) and I should be great by noon!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

And You Thought I Forgot

Little Miss was two month's old yesterday and we partied so hard it was too late for me to post a picture. O.K., so I don't know if having our home teachers over is considered a party, but we had a good time anyway. We love to have them come over and when they do they stay awhile. In fact, yesterday before they arrived they told us that they decided they would try and keep the visit to 45 min. I thought they were right on target until I realized how late it was. I think most people would be put off by a 3 hour home teaching lesson, but not us. To be honest, I can't remember the last time we actually had a lesson. Don't get me wrong we talk about the church and our testimonies and have even been given blessings by them, but we mostly just talk about anything. And I mean anything. It should be weird, but it's not because they are like part of the family. We love them and would be so sad if they were ever released. Probably not a lot would change though, because I think they'd still stop by. Yesterday we joked that if we moved to Israel they would YouTube a visit for us. Then it would stay 45 min, because we could DVR through it.

So anyway, back to The Miss... she is two months old now. A few fun facts about her at this stage...

She is growing into her nickname of Monkey. What a cute little ooh ohh face that is!

She is a great sleeper! Down at eight and we don't see her again until at least 5.

She thinks she can fly.

She doesn't want to miss a thing so she holds her head up to see everything.

She loves music and loves to dance. I've considered taking up Diet Coke like the other women in my family, but with her I'd need something more along the lines of Redbull. I don't have enough energy to dance to ALL of the iTunes. This is her why have we stopped dancing look. And that's not a rash, it's lip gloss on her cheek.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Place

The pic I posted yesterday in front of the house is not our house. Wish it was, but it's not. I debated whether or not to post these pics today but I am, for a couple of reasons.

#1. I decided blogging sort-of counts as journal writing. It's as close as I'm going to get anyway, and so for posterity's sake you're going to be subjected to some very boring pictures of where we live.

#2. I am a RateMySpace junkie. I love to drool over people's real life places. As I mentioned before, if I could live in a catalog I'd live at Pottery Barn with a few Anthropologie pieces for fun. As you will see, my house is far from it but no one actually lives in a catalog anyway.

If you put up with seeing these pictures I posted some cute ones at the end.

Our House

Actually our borrowed house. We don't own it. We pay some landlord we've never met to live here. Not bad considering we rented it sight unseen off of Craigslist.

If you don't see Ani and Jedi in the window then you've got the wrong house. And yes, I have to Windex the windows every other day.

The entry way, family room, and dining room.

That leather chair is my favorite spot in the whole entire house. It gets great light is super comfy and is where I do most of my knitting.

Your basic I-Need-to-be-remodeled-but-it-ain't-never-gonna-happen-cuz-I'm-a-rental Kitchen

The Love Nest

Little Miss' Room

Notice anything missing? Um yeah, it would be the crib. My dad is building one. No pressure dad, but she's growing faster than expected. If we wait much longer this little nap on the floor is going to be her permanent sleeping spot. But again, no pressure.

The sock monkey is the one I made a few weeks ago. The eyes aren't as creepy as they look in the pic I promise. And we're nowhere close to being finished decorating the nursery. In fact, its a good thing I didn't finish the curtains because we're going to be re-decorating it soon. Surprise, surprise...I've changed my mind!

And just so you know we do have a bathroom. Two even, but I'm not going to take pics of the other one. You get the idea.

We also have another guest room/office but right now it's being used to sort and organize some of my fabric so you're not seeing it either.

This is most of our house. The other spots you've missed, well... you haven't missed much. Most hallways and garages are pretty generic. The backyard is pretty unremarkable too.

So.....the cute pics I promised.

Ani's famous Am I Busted? Look

Her other famous You'll Get Over It Look.

We're fans of slipcovers. They're tacky and quite honestly pretty ugly but when you're not looking guess who's on the couch? But don't tell Papa. Mommy thinks it's cute. Plus, before she was reformed she took out some of her bad childhood on this couch.

The obedient dog on The Dog Couch.

The uglyer, smellyer, don't even think about sitting there couch on the other side of the room. I didn't even bother to take a picture it is that non impressive.

The end.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On a Roll

Would you consider two days of doing something a roll? Okay, maybe not, but we're working towards it. It is day 2 of the routine I started yesterday, and we are going strong. It is 9 am and we're all showered, dressed, had breakfast, and the house is clean. Little Miss has even gone down for a nap. Just in time for me to go to the dentist.

Last night I was telling Handsome Husband about the routine and mentioned that Friday was "Do Something Romantic" and date night. His only comment was "I hope this lasts until Friday." He knows me too well. I get fired up, going 100 miles in one direction and then quickly change direction and go 100 miles in completely the opposite direction. But hey at least I don't stay in the same place.

Part of our routine that has always been there is walking the dogs. Rain, sleet, or snow they get walked. We even put the U.S. Postal Service to shame...we even walk holidays!

If you look really carefully you can see white specks. This is what we call California snow. The blossoms were blowing everywhere. It really looked like snow. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Google Yourself

Do it. I dare you to see what you find.

I Google ourselves on a regular basis just to filter what is floating out there in cyberspace about us and today I made an amazing discovery. I am listed as a reference in a published book that you can actually purchase! I wrote a brief while at BYU that was posted on the Internet and apparently it was used as a reference for this book. Holy Crap! Be very careful what you put your name to. You never know when it will come up again, haunt you, and even bite you in the butt. Along the same lines, I also found out today that I will be giving a deposition in a few weeks in a court case.

Sometimes I wish being a stay at home mom and housewife were a little more boring.

Oh, and if you Google me, my 5k rankings also come up which I'm actually quite embarrassed about. For the record, we less than walked the whole thing. And I think we even took a detour at one point. I'm sorry to say we were there for the free food and extra credit for some class.

House Rules

I mentioned on Friday that it was cleaning day. I love to clean. Let me re-phrase that...I love a clean house.

When I was working full time (as in when I used to get a paycheck), Saturday was cleaning day. It was also laundry day, grocery shopping day, and basic all around chore day and I hated it. That means I only really got one day off and that was filled up with Church. If we went anywhere then either the house didn't get cleaned like I like, or the laundry wasn't folded. The weekends became a chore and we didn't feel like we were spending them where we would have liked so we made up a new rule. No cleaning on the weekends! This took some adjustment on my part, because if it is not done on Friday night then too bad. It will have to wait until Monday and if it's too busy Monday then we'll see to it on Tuesday. Now there are some exceptions like we still vacuum, do the dishes and pick up after ourselves, but no toilet scrubbing or mopping allowed. Occasionally there will be chore that only Handsome Husband can do, so he'll get to it on the weekend but other than that, no cleaning. It makes for a busier week but for a more relaxing weekend. We've found that we now spend more time enjoying our walks, hanging out and having fun on the weekend.

Now that I'm at home more, the same rules apply. But I'm still trying to modify them and I feel the need to amp it up a bit. I do not keep my baby on a routine, but she has found herself one. I think we naturally gravitate to routine. It gives us a sense of security and feeling of control. And come on? Wouldn't we all like to feel a little more in control. This morning I came across this web site at Fly Lady's and I'm really loving her routine. I have to go over it a little more and adapt it to our lives, but I feel more house rules coming on.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

You're never too young for an Easter basket (or too old apparently), right Grammy? Grammy went shopping back in February for Little Miss' basket. When I laughed and said that Easter wasn't for at least a month she responded by telling me that by then the good ones would be taken. Her efforts payed off and Little Miss got a very cute and well stocked Easter basket this morning. (And you think I'm going to spoil her? This chica doesn't stand a chance.) Mommy added by getting her a CD set of silly songs.

My easter basket consisted of yarn. Yay! Beautiful luxurious 100% wet spun linen in a beautiful egg plant color. See? Isn't the color beautiful? There was only one skein left, but I had to have it. I have no idea what I'm going to make, but it called to me and luckily I had Easter as an excuse for it to come home with me. Someone suggested dish cloths. Then I could enjoy it everyday, but it gets so soft as you work with it that I may need to make something to wear.

So beyond Eater baskets, we also went to a wonderful brunch with Terri and Grandma Kay at the Elks Club. Little Miss met the Easter Bunny but she doesn't know it. I tried tickling her feet to wake her up, but nothing...not a peep.

Her Easter sandals make it very convenient for me to tickle her feet! I made them with Bamboozle which as it is named has bamboo fibers. It is super fun to work with and has some stretch so once I block these they should be a bit bigger and fit for a while. Maybe.

She loves her Mommy but Little Miss is a Daddy's Girl! She saves all her best smiles and cutest faces for him.

We are now on our way to have Easter dinner with Auntie Ang so I'm sure we'll have more pictures later.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

SomeBunny's Ready for Spring

It was 75 degrees today! SWEET! So we went outside to play. Little Miss is not too sure about how bright the sun is or wearing hats, but she gets used to it.

I've gotten over the fact that I'm going to spoil this child.

Notice Papa's new haircut. Yay! I love the military look.

The idea of being outside is growing on her, cant you see it?

Must have done something right because we wore her out. I see them everyday but I still want to pinch her cheeks when I see these pictures. The only thing that stops me is that it would wake her up.

Pictures Of Jerusalem

These are a few pictures from Handsome Husband's trip to the Holy Land.

First things first. Humus and fresh pita bread. (This is actually one of my favorite pictures.) The humus is the white pasty stuff on the sides with pine nuts and oil in the center. Yummy!

Church in the Old City. There are tons of churches of many religions it's hard to keep them straight.

Behind him is the Muslim cemetary, behind that is the Kedron Valley and you can see the Mount of Olives and a Christian church in the background.

The Wailing Wall

In front of Damascus Gate in the Muslim quarter of the Old City.

The gate to the City of David. As close to the West Bank as you're going to get. This is actually in the West Bank.

My favorite picture. The Tower of Absalom at the base of the Kedron Valley looking North towards Gethsemane. You can also see the gold Christian church tower. Again, he doesn't remember the name off hand.

We will upload all of them to Flickr later.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Do for a New Gig

I change my hair only slightly more often than I change jobs. But I think I'll be sticking with my current position for the long term. It has a very good retirement plan- I take care of her for the first eighteen years of her life and she takes care of me for the last eighteen of mine. Not bad huh? Anyway, I decided to ditch the hair color since it is too much maintenance and go for something easy and well..slightly more boring.

So my new inspiration... Katie Holmes. She's a cute mama. My fringe is not as thick or hair as dark, but well, it's only the idea you take to the stylist. It's not like it comes out looking like the picture anyway.

She has to be nuts for being married to her current husband, Mr. Cruise. He's completely off his rocker. But I will always have a special place in my heart for Maverick.

But today is cleaning day, so I must go find the Top Gun sound track and scrub something!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Awkward Moments

For the record...If I EVER run in to any of you at Victoria's Secret, I really don't care to know what you're doing there. Honestly, I don't need or want any explanation. You don't even have to acknowledge me. Just make your purchase and be on your way. Unless we are shopping together, you never saw me and I never saw you. It creates a very awkward moment. Today I ran in to someone from my ward. Ewww! Apparently his wife's birthday is this week. I soooo did not need to know that. If I had been thinking, (more than trying to get the throw up taste out of the back of my throat) I would have told him I was shopping for Husband's Easter basket. (Ha ha! Your turn for the throw up taste.)

I did however have a very good laugh and for some reason it triggered memories of some other very awkward moments from my life. I laughed all through the mall this afternoon while shopping with Little Miss. I'm sure people think I'm nuts...some crazy lady laughing to herself as she tries on shoes but, what's new?

Some of the best ones that I could think of are -

- My first kiss. (Ewww! Here comes that throw up taste again.)

- Having my dad show up to drive me home at 4 am from my boyfriend's house. Yes, John knows about it. He was there.

- Finding a sandwich in a lady's fat rolls while giving a bed bath. What do you say?

- My first goodbye hug with John. OK, make that our entire first date, considering his little sister was there and she came with him to walk me to the door. So needless to say it was...well...awkward. Good thing it was only a hug. They say you can tell a relationship from your first kiss...well obviously that turned out better than okay. Although it was ELEVEN dates later. I will never let him forget that. My cousin had to ask me, "Jeez, what's wrong with you?!"

-Starting my period while hiking on a date in Zions. Not quite the middle of nowhere but close enough. That's really the real reason John married me. It was either that, or I'd have to kill him, but I was not going to let that one get out. In fact, this is the first time in five years that I've even mentioned it. It went beyond awkward straight to horrifying.

- Picking up a doctor's teeth after he sneezed them off. Yup! I was charting with the doctor to my side. He sneezed and I saw him drop something. I reached down to pick it up before I realized that I was now holding his partial in my hand. All I could do was hand it back to him.

I'm sure there are more. (I was only shopping for one pair of shoes.) It's funny when I think of these moments now because most of them relate to John in some way, from a time where I was still trying to make a good impression. Not that I don't try any more, but things change. In July it will be five years. Half a decade. Wait till it's half a century.That's why when everything is wrinkly and sagging and I can't find my teeth, I know he will still love me. I can't remember the last time I had an awkward moment with him. He knows everything about me. I have no secrets with him.

And if I keep this blogging up much longer, all of cyber space is going to know more than they wanted to know about me as well.

P.S. We're home! And yes mom, Little Miss misses her Grammy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Papa's Coming Home!

Yay! We're headed to airport tonight to pick up Handsome Husband. I'm sure we'll post pics as soon as we head home. (That is unless my mom convices us to stay through Easter.)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Day Bites the Dust

What is it about opening your mouth that makes the universe want to prove you wrong? I mean, my very last post was "oh look at me..I'm writing everyday...blah,blah,blah" and then Whammo!Crazy day breaks loose and there is no time to write. I don't even remember ending the day. I crashed somewhere and woke up several hours later. Not as several as I would have preferred, but Handsome Husband is still gone.

So what was so crazy you ask? Well lets just say that I have gone into full sewing production and even did a couple of beading projects. All I can say is I love Flickr and all of their tutorials! There are some amazingly creative people out there. I admit to being a hack and love to copy some of their ideas by adding my own twist. Little Miss' room will be benefiting and I may have gone overboard on the sock monkeys. I mean how many does one child need? But she's cute, their cute, so we multiple need by three and there you go. Add one for my niece Lexi and you've got four sock monkeys in Easter Colors and the colors of Little Miss' room. (Christa, I'm really trying to get it out in time, but I may just drop it off at your in-laws so you get it in time.)

Besides the right places to sew up a sock, I learned a very important lesson yesterday. Being a nurse is hard, being a mom is hard, but being a nurse to your own child is not only hardest, but will about break your heart. Little Miss is fine, it was absolutely minor, but she did cry. I'm afraid that if I ever see blood come out of that child I will likely pass out and should we ever have to go to the ER please call ahead so the nurses will be ready with syringe full of some anxiolytic. It's for me. I'm not picky...Ativan, Valium, Xanax, a full bottle of valerian root, whatever you've got on hand. All I'm saying that it's either chemically restrain me or physically do it, just don't make me watch my baby cry. What is it about that little monkey that makes me lose all reason and turns me into the very thing I avoided by not becoming a pediatric nurse?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tough Chick

If you thought you'd gotten rid of me for the day...well, I guess you were wrong. I'm not about to give up my streak of daily writing (or rambling, whichever the case may be). I'm a tough chick. And I don't go down easy. Even after being up since 4:30. That's AM. And no, it had nothing to do with Little Miss. I don't get great sleep when the Handsome Husband is away. Kind of a waste since my parents have really comfortable beds, but anyway, I digress. I may be a tough chick, but I am about running on empty so in order to avoid sleep deprived blogging syndrome....that is where you go on and on and on without saying anything...I will leave you with a happy thought.

"Today I am going to be happier than a bird with a french fry."

I found this on a painting on Etsy which I am dying to buy for Little Miss' bedroom. Love Etsy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Truths and A Lie

We've all played that game the first day of class where you list two true things about yourself and a lie. Well, I'm sitting here waiting for our time zones to cross so I can talk to my Handsome Husband so what better thing to do than to sit around making stuff up about ourselves. And since he's not here to defend himself...

Two Truths and a Lie


1. I have always wanted to pierce my belly-button. (But I promise I haven't.)

2. I have been patted down and searched by a police officer (Not at the airport).

3. I have a similar scar to Forrest Gumps. You know where something just jumped up and bit me...

O.K. So it's not fair for me to make up stuff when He's not here. You'll just have to wait.

Baby Genius

I'm so out of touch, I thought my mom was making it up when she sang the Hannah Montana song, "GNO". (Which is what we had last night. Four generations of a girls night out!) What do I know? We haven't had t.v. our entire marriage and I am past listening to Radio Disney. I'm sure the Disney Empire will begin indoctrinating my child soon anyway. Her diapers (We use disposables while on vacation, which I HATE. I miss the didees.) have Disney characters on them. She can't even see them and they are already targeting my baby.

I heard recently on the radio that a huge percentage (I forget the exact number) of babies have a Baby Einstein product in their home. They have toys and videos and music all claiming to make your baby well... a genius. I think it is hilarious! This morning I found this often quoted statement from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). The AAP policy statement reads:

"Pediatricians should urge parents to avoid television viewing for children under the age of 2 years. Although certain television programs may be promoted to this age group, research on early brain development shows that babies and toddlers have a critical need for direct interactions with parents and other significant care givers (eg, child care providers) for healthy brain growth and the development of appropriate social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Therefore, exposing such young children to television programs should be discouraged."

Again...HILARIOUS! Does it actually say that babies and toddlers have a "critical need for direct interactions with parents"? I don't think it takes a "grown up genius" much less a "Baby Genius" to figure that one out. What have we come to? It makes me sad/horrified/sick at some of the crap that is slung at poor unsuspecting parents, who I'm sure have the best interest of their child at heart, but are too dumb to recognize a cunning and brilliant marketing plan.

Now I can't bash the evil empire too much seeing as they do pay many of the bills around here (Gramps works for Disney) and we do get to go to the "Happiest Place on Earth" more often in one year than most people do in their lives, but still. He's the first to admit it. Motivated by money, they will lie to people to market a product. I don't expect anything different from them, and I don't fault them, that's what businesses do. But as a consumer I also have a choice as to where I put my dollar.

I'm not the AAP, and we make up most of our parenting up as we go along, but seriously... What happened to rocking babies in a rocking chair, letting them play in the dirt and to pick their nose? Why are we obsessed with making our kids "geniuses"? Let them be. Actually scratch that. Don't. Play with them, read to them, sing to them. As Dr. Laura recently pointed out. We have enough "smart" kids. Do you have any idea what the IQ of the Unabomber was? As a woman married to a man that ranks very high on the intelligence quotient, I can tell you that I appreciate the fact that he is respectful and kind more than the fact he's "smart".

Not to mention that ITS NOT WORKING. For all these geniuses running around how many of them have obtained an education, have intact families, can carry a job, or be contributing member of society? Maybe we should get Disney on board with marketing a product like Baby Kindness, Baby Respectful, or Baby Love Your Neighbor. But then again, it probably wouldn't sell.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Beautiful Monkey

After reading Help Me Bubba's post today I needed a pick me up.

Tiramisu for Breakfast

Ice cream is a staple at our house. I don't even really consider it dessert, more like just part of the meal. (Hey, it's how I get my dairy.) And no matter how "whole and raw foods diet" we become, I will never bring myself to eliminate cows milk completely because of it.

And because I don't count ice cream as dessert, I can say that Tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert. Yes, I know it has coffee and rum! (At least if it is made right.) And I really don't care! In fact, that's why it probably tastes so good. Yesterday afternoon I was watching "No Reservations" and there is a scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones goes ga-ga over Tiramisu and suddenly I had a craving. As I sat and thought about how to come up with a piece...I had an idea. I would sucker one of my sisters into bringing me some. This would come at a price I knew, but it would be worth it. So for two orders of Tiramisu I will be cleaning Aunt Goose's room. Most say that I was suckered, but you don't understand. It was worth it. I had one piece for dessert last night and one for breakfast this morning. And trust me... it was worth it. But if I get lost in the mess that is Jessie's room, I will be able to find my way out so long as you leave a piece by the door.

Monday, March 10, 2008

We Made It!

We made it to L.A. and so far Handsome Husband has made it to Newark, NJ. (I'm pretty sure he's still on a plane.) Since he will be without a cell phone for the week, I have to wait for an e-mail before I know whether or not he got there okay.

Grammy's house is set up with all the comforts of home. Little Miss has a crib and even her wipee warmer. She's very comfy. Not to mention all of the attention! We are already having lots of fun! Little Miss met her Great-Gramps yesterday and we went to lunch after taking Papa to the airport. I was happy to see that the same waitress from 10 years ago still works at Abes! Thankfully some things never change! And the Matzo ball soup was just as good as I remember.

Today we will go to Grammy's work to meet "the girls" and go to lunch. I hope to stop by Summerhill and see who still works there and who is still living. It is an assisted living facility where I worked when I turned 16. I worked in the dining room, the front desk, and then as Activities Assistant off and on between serving jobs until I finished nursing school. Lots of fun memories there!

This afternoon I hope to hit the quilting pretty hard. Aunt Goose gets home early so she will be able to hold Little Miss for me while I work. Although, she's not as useful as she was our last trip since she is in a boot. She broke her foot last week, poor girl.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Travel Day

Nothing like five hours in the car with an 85 Lb. Coonhound, 95 Lb. Weimaraner, and a six week old baby to make you question your sanity.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Israel?

Handsome Husband is going to Israel for work. HP is one of their customers and there is a training on some component/product that is produced by the Jerusalem team, which is his sister group. John is going for part of the training and to give a presentation and act as support. He is so excited. Last night he told me his only reservations about going were that we couldn't go with him and that he hasn't had much time to learn Hebrew. If you know my husband he has always wanted to speak Hebrew. Last night everything was "yes" and "no" and "ice cream" in Hebrew. He is going to drive them crazy asking "How do you say this?" and "How do you say that?" I'm not afraid for his safety, I'm more afraid he's going to like it...TOO much. Which means a move.

F.Y.I. He's flying directly out of of LAX into Televiv which is a 17 hr flight! He might finish The Count of Monte Cristo before it is due back at the library after all!

Feed Me or Nobody Sleeps (That's what the onesie says.)

She had a matching bow so she would not be mistaken as a boy, but well, clearly she was not in the mood for bows (or pictures.) There are two things we don't mess with at our house...mealtime and naptime. That goes for everyone (including the dogs).

When asked if we keep her on a schedule the answer is "ABSOLUTELY"! Our schedule is anything that makes this little one happy, regardless of the time. With this pout she could even ask her Papa for a pony and he'd probably say "yes." Its a good thing she can't talk yet because we don't have a place for a pony right now. But as soon as she is old enough, trust me...Mommy will be teaching her all kinds of things to ask Papa for. (Like a Potbelly pig :) !)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why the alias?

Apparently it has come up as to why I refer to myself as Mommy rather than my own name...well when you have a name like mine it is very easily Googled. (That is, if you spell it right.) And since Mommy happens to apply, I'll take it. :) I've been called much worse...but, well never mind.

Little Miss has the same problem...What can I say? I like unique names.

Handsome Husband on the other hand could not get more generic, but I didn't want him to feel left out.

Dear IFC,
Just because I'm calling myself Mommy on my blog, don't think for a minute that I'm joining the "mommy club." Same rules still apply.

Get Out of Dodge

That's what we're gonna do. Looks like my Handsome Husband is going to Jerusalem, Israel... on Sunday. Nothing like short notice to leave the country. Since I'm a big wuss, Mommy and Little Miss are going to L.A. so we don't have to stay home alone. (Of course Ani and Jedi are coming too!) Little Miss was very excited to hear she was going to her Grammy's house, but when she called to tell her she didn't answer the phone, so she called her Gramps instead. He was excited too.

Although she will miss her Papa, we're going to have all sorts of fun. Little Miss will get to meet her Great-Gramps, go swimming, eat Matza ball soup at Abe's (or watch mommy do it), and probably go to Grammy's work to show off, not to mention lunch at Yamato! All this to make Papa jealous since he gets this once in a life time opportunity to go somewhere amazing!

And since there will be tons of people around to entertain the wee one, Mommy will get to quilt. Yay! I have I think four quilt tops to do while I'm there. Plus talk about knitting! I will probably have to fight or at least pull the big bad mommy card in order to hold my little girl while we are there. She is going to be terribly spoiled. Ani and Jedi get spoiled too. Gramps feeds him from the table when no one is looking and Grammy tucks Ani in to her very own chair. Its all very sad to watch.

So, in preparation of our grand adventure, my to-do list went from #1. Sleep in to #. Too many things to list. C'est la vie!

Anyone know where to buy a Hitch-Haul?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As Promised

Little Miss in her hoodie! I don't know why, but I just get a kick out of this outfit. She is 5 1/2 weeks old and wearing a 3-6 month outfit. My baby is growing too fast! She smiled for the first time in response to something this morning. And of course that something was her Papa! He was so proud and excited.

She's not quite sure this is a worthy nap time interruption so I had to take pictures while I changed her didee.

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