Friday, March 7, 2008

Feed Me or Nobody Sleeps (That's what the onesie says.)

She had a matching bow so she would not be mistaken as a boy, but well, clearly she was not in the mood for bows (or pictures.) There are two things we don't mess with at our house...mealtime and naptime. That goes for everyone (including the dogs).

When asked if we keep her on a schedule the answer is "ABSOLUTELY"! Our schedule is anything that makes this little one happy, regardless of the time. With this pout she could even ask her Papa for a pony and he'd probably say "yes." Its a good thing she can't talk yet because we don't have a place for a pony right now. But as soon as she is old enough, trust me...Mommy will be teaching her all kinds of things to ask Papa for. (Like a Potbelly pig :) !)

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[AlisaR] said...

I'm loving all the baby pics. She is so dang cute. Why is your hubby going to Israel? Please post more info :)

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