Thursday, March 6, 2008

Get Out of Dodge

That's what we're gonna do. Looks like my Handsome Husband is going to Jerusalem, Israel... on Sunday. Nothing like short notice to leave the country. Since I'm a big wuss, Mommy and Little Miss are going to L.A. so we don't have to stay home alone. (Of course Ani and Jedi are coming too!) Little Miss was very excited to hear she was going to her Grammy's house, but when she called to tell her she didn't answer the phone, so she called her Gramps instead. He was excited too.

Although she will miss her Papa, we're going to have all sorts of fun. Little Miss will get to meet her Great-Gramps, go swimming, eat Matza ball soup at Abe's (or watch mommy do it), and probably go to Grammy's work to show off, not to mention lunch at Yamato! All this to make Papa jealous since he gets this once in a life time opportunity to go somewhere amazing!

And since there will be tons of people around to entertain the wee one, Mommy will get to quilt. Yay! I have I think four quilt tops to do while I'm there. Plus talk about knitting! I will probably have to fight or at least pull the big bad mommy card in order to hold my little girl while we are there. She is going to be terribly spoiled. Ani and Jedi get spoiled too. Gramps feeds him from the table when no one is looking and Grammy tucks Ani in to her very own chair. Its all very sad to watch.

So, in preparation of our grand adventure, my to-do list went from #1. Sleep in to #. Too many things to list. C'est la vie!

Anyone know where to buy a Hitch-Haul?


Byran & Diana said...

Why is John going to Jerusalem? While you are at your parents house I would love to come and see you. Let me know if you are available.

Christa said...

When will you be there? I'd also love to come see you! I'll be there the 16th through the 19th...let me know! Awesome for John, how long will he be gone??

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I'll be there the 9th-17th. He'll be gone a week for work. I wish I was going but for obvious reasons I miss out this time. Call me and well set something up.

Holly said...

Lucky John! But knowing John he probably won't enjoy it too much without his ladies with him. FYI.. you can get a hitch dealy from Abba Dabba Rentals in Sac.

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