Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day of Rest

I have always been able to sleep anywhere at any time. My mom likes to tell the story of when I was little (a toddler I think). They were in a restaurant and out of nowhere I was gone. They searched and searched and as my mom started to panic, someone found me. I was asleep under the table, standing up with my head in the chair. :) It is a gift. As I have gotten older it has never left.

In high school my dad didn't call my sleeping naps, he called it hibernation. I can sleep almost on command. If I am in the car (as a passenger) for more than 15 minutes, I am out. Lately this has come in handy as the sleeping patterns of a newborn are not what you would I get very (very, and John would like to add an extra very) cranky when I am either tired or hungry. If I'm both...well, just watch out. My handsome husband does all that he can to prevent that from ever happening. Which is why I think my dad made the connection to bears hibernating.

Well, today it happened. Little Miss is a very easy baby, but after she goes to bed, I don't always follow and when she wakes up I get up and stay up. This is great for a few days, and then I crash. Tonight, I crashed. Two and a half hours of sleep later I am feeling much better! Hallelujah! I love Sunday afternoon naps! And more than that, I love napping with Little Miss (or anyone else that will keep me warm.)

Our first nap at home! THIS is a momentous occasion. Glad we documented it. (Shush on the socks and slippers.)

Two weeks ago.

Papa loves naps too!

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Matt & Christa said...

Those are my favorite pictures yet! Everyone looks so happy and content when they are sleeping! What fun times :)

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