Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tiramisu for Breakfast

Ice cream is a staple at our house. I don't even really consider it dessert, more like just part of the meal. (Hey, it's how I get my dairy.) And no matter how "whole and raw foods diet" we become, I will never bring myself to eliminate cows milk completely because of it.

And because I don't count ice cream as dessert, I can say that Tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert. Yes, I know it has coffee and rum! (At least if it is made right.) And I really don't care! In fact, that's why it probably tastes so good. Yesterday afternoon I was watching "No Reservations" and there is a scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones goes ga-ga over Tiramisu and suddenly I had a craving. As I sat and thought about how to come up with a piece...I had an idea. I would sucker one of my sisters into bringing me some. This would come at a price I knew, but it would be worth it. So for two orders of Tiramisu I will be cleaning Aunt Goose's room. Most say that I was suckered, but you don't understand. It was worth it. I had one piece for dessert last night and one for breakfast this morning. And trust me... it was worth it. But if I get lost in the mess that is Jessie's room, I will be able to find my way out so long as you leave a piece by the door.


Mothership said...

Thank you for making me smile.
I am really enjoying your blog and the pictures are so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

mousemovie said...

Are you using a pitchfork, shovel or a backhoe?

Me... said...

liar, liar, pants on fire! You did not clean my room! You stink. (And I want a big piece of cake and a new shirt!)

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