Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Israel?

Handsome Husband is going to Israel for work. HP is one of their customers and there is a training on some component/product that is produced by the Jerusalem team, which is his sister group. John is going for part of the training and to give a presentation and act as support. He is so excited. Last night he told me his only reservations about going were that we couldn't go with him and that he hasn't had much time to learn Hebrew. If you know my husband he has always wanted to speak Hebrew. Last night everything was "yes" and "no" and "ice cream" in Hebrew. He is going to drive them crazy asking "How do you say this?" and "How do you say that?" I'm not afraid for his safety, I'm more afraid he's going to like it...TOO much. Which means a move.

F.Y.I. He's flying directly out of of LAX into Televiv which is a 17 hr flight! He might finish The Count of Monte Cristo before it is due back at the library after all!

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