Sunday, March 30, 2008

It Must Be Me

Since we don't have pics today, I busted out the video cam. I tried to upload a video this evening, but it wouldn't work. It must be me because my dad didn't seem to have a problem with it. He made a very cute video of Little Miss' first swimming lesson. Check it out at Mousemovies.

Oh and tonight John asked me what little babies do when they have an itch. Any suggestions?


Me... said...

Babies react the same way that adults do to itching. A small infant that has an itchy head will most likely rub their head on their parents shoulder or on the mattress of their crib. They lack the fine motor control and therefore find gross motor movements that will alleviate their itching. :)

Isn't it nice having a science teacher in the family?

cambridgeclan said...

OK Y you know me, I have to give my opinion. When you do the swim lessons you don't have to hold them under that long. Our family would blow on there face and then dunk them quickly. I know I'm not a pro, but none of the grandkids have come up crying. It is fun to see though that she is getting to have some fun in the water.

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