Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ranting and Raving

Every few days my Handsome Husband will read my blog to find out what he's missed while he's away, as Dr. Laura would say, "slaying dragons". So today he began catching up for the week. This morning he asked me if I was in a bad mood yesterday. I said "no...Why?" He said "well something ticked you off in order for you to write that" referring to yesterday's post. Apparently I came off a little strong. Not quite bitchy, but almost...and for that I apologize.

So today rather than rant, I will rave.
Things to rave about include...
1. American Idol- Itsy bitsy crush on Micheal Johns. And I don't even have T.V. We go to Aunty A's house to watch. Our first season watching and I love it, love it, love it!
2. Help Me Bubba- The darling of the IFC's blog. HILARIOUS! Her stories are so dang funny. But be warned she does cuss like a sailor, but from her it does not sound vulgar or profane but just dang funny! I had tears streaming I was laughing so hard!
3. Baby hoodies from Old Navy- Thank you Aunt Christa! Little Miss looks so dang cute! Pictures are coming, I promise...once the camera battery is recharged. (I take a lot of pictures)

There. See? I'm not scary. I like most people and most things. Every once in a while though something will just make me tick and it doesn't stop until I let it out. Once the rant is over and blood pressure sufficiently spikes, I feel better.


Matt & Christa said...

That's funny that John asked you about that blog...I found myself wondering what was going on in your life that day as well to make you angry. I'm glad today is a raving day and made it to the list!

cambridgeclan said...

Wow Yannette. It makes me curious as to what had gone on with other people or who (hopefully not me) said something to you. You're a great mommy.

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