Monday, March 24, 2008

House Rules

I mentioned on Friday that it was cleaning day. I love to clean. Let me re-phrase that...I love a clean house.

When I was working full time (as in when I used to get a paycheck), Saturday was cleaning day. It was also laundry day, grocery shopping day, and basic all around chore day and I hated it. That means I only really got one day off and that was filled up with Church. If we went anywhere then either the house didn't get cleaned like I like, or the laundry wasn't folded. The weekends became a chore and we didn't feel like we were spending them where we would have liked so we made up a new rule. No cleaning on the weekends! This took some adjustment on my part, because if it is not done on Friday night then too bad. It will have to wait until Monday and if it's too busy Monday then we'll see to it on Tuesday. Now there are some exceptions like we still vacuum, do the dishes and pick up after ourselves, but no toilet scrubbing or mopping allowed. Occasionally there will be chore that only Handsome Husband can do, so he'll get to it on the weekend but other than that, no cleaning. It makes for a busier week but for a more relaxing weekend. We've found that we now spend more time enjoying our walks, hanging out and having fun on the weekend.

Now that I'm at home more, the same rules apply. But I'm still trying to modify them and I feel the need to amp it up a bit. I do not keep my baby on a routine, but she has found herself one. I think we naturally gravitate to routine. It gives us a sense of security and feeling of control. And come on? Wouldn't we all like to feel a little more in control. This morning I came across this web site at Fly Lady's and I'm really loving her routine. I have to go over it a little more and adapt it to our lives, but I feel more house rules coming on.

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Byran & Diana said...

This is a great routine to get started with. I am glad you posted it. Thanks.

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