Monday, March 24, 2008

Google Yourself

Do it. I dare you to see what you find.

I Google ourselves on a regular basis just to filter what is floating out there in cyberspace about us and today I made an amazing discovery. I am listed as a reference in a published book that you can actually purchase! I wrote a brief while at BYU that was posted on the Internet and apparently it was used as a reference for this book. Holy Crap! Be very careful what you put your name to. You never know when it will come up again, haunt you, and even bite you in the butt. Along the same lines, I also found out today that I will be giving a deposition in a few weeks in a court case.

Sometimes I wish being a stay at home mom and housewife were a little more boring.

Oh, and if you Google me, my 5k rankings also come up which I'm actually quite embarrassed about. For the record, we less than walked the whole thing. And I think we even took a detour at one point. I'm sorry to say we were there for the free food and extra credit for some class.

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