Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On a Roll

Would you consider two days of doing something a roll? Okay, maybe not, but we're working towards it. It is day 2 of the routine I started yesterday, and we are going strong. It is 9 am and we're all showered, dressed, had breakfast, and the house is clean. Little Miss has even gone down for a nap. Just in time for me to go to the dentist.

Last night I was telling Handsome Husband about the routine and mentioned that Friday was "Do Something Romantic" and date night. His only comment was "I hope this lasts until Friday." He knows me too well. I get fired up, going 100 miles in one direction and then quickly change direction and go 100 miles in completely the opposite direction. But hey at least I don't stay in the same place.

Part of our routine that has always been there is walking the dogs. Rain, sleet, or snow they get walked. We even put the U.S. Postal Service to shame...we even walk holidays!

If you look really carefully you can see white specks. This is what we call California snow. The blossoms were blowing everywhere. It really looked like snow. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!


clintandnat said...

you are so beautiful!!!! You look so happy and is that your cute place? LOVE it!!

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Nope not our place. It is just around the corner. Our trees haven't bloomed yet.

Holly said...

Wow, love your sweater...where'd you get it? You have really good taste.:)

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