Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

You're never too young for an Easter basket (or too old apparently), right Grammy? Grammy went shopping back in February for Little Miss' basket. When I laughed and said that Easter wasn't for at least a month she responded by telling me that by then the good ones would be taken. Her efforts payed off and Little Miss got a very cute and well stocked Easter basket this morning. (And you think I'm going to spoil her? This chica doesn't stand a chance.) Mommy added by getting her a CD set of silly songs.

My easter basket consisted of yarn. Yay! Beautiful luxurious 100% wet spun linen in a beautiful egg plant color. See? Isn't the color beautiful? There was only one skein left, but I had to have it. I have no idea what I'm going to make, but it called to me and luckily I had Easter as an excuse for it to come home with me. Someone suggested dish cloths. Then I could enjoy it everyday, but it gets so soft as you work with it that I may need to make something to wear.

So beyond Eater baskets, we also went to a wonderful brunch with Terri and Grandma Kay at the Elks Club. Little Miss met the Easter Bunny but she doesn't know it. I tried tickling her feet to wake her up, but nothing...not a peep.

Her Easter sandals make it very convenient for me to tickle her feet! I made them with Bamboozle which as it is named has bamboo fibers. It is super fun to work with and has some stretch so once I block these they should be a bit bigger and fit for a while. Maybe.

She loves her Mommy but Little Miss is a Daddy's Girl! She saves all her best smiles and cutest faces for him.

We are now on our way to have Easter dinner with Auntie Ang so I'm sure we'll have more pictures later.

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