Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Day Bites the Dust

What is it about opening your mouth that makes the universe want to prove you wrong? I mean, my very last post was "oh look at me..I'm writing everyday...blah,blah,blah" and then Whammo!Crazy day breaks loose and there is no time to write. I don't even remember ending the day. I crashed somewhere and woke up several hours later. Not as several as I would have preferred, but Handsome Husband is still gone.

So what was so crazy you ask? Well lets just say that I have gone into full sewing production and even did a couple of beading projects. All I can say is I love Flickr and all of their tutorials! There are some amazingly creative people out there. I admit to being a hack and love to copy some of their ideas by adding my own twist. Little Miss' room will be benefiting and I may have gone overboard on the sock monkeys. I mean how many does one child need? But she's cute, their cute, so we multiple need by three and there you go. Add one for my niece Lexi and you've got four sock monkeys in Easter Colors and the colors of Little Miss' room. (Christa, I'm really trying to get it out in time, but I may just drop it off at your in-laws so you get it in time.)

Besides the right places to sew up a sock, I learned a very important lesson yesterday. Being a nurse is hard, being a mom is hard, but being a nurse to your own child is not only hardest, but will about break your heart. Little Miss is fine, it was absolutely minor, but she did cry. I'm afraid that if I ever see blood come out of that child I will likely pass out and should we ever have to go to the ER please call ahead so the nurses will be ready with syringe full of some anxiolytic. It's for me. I'm not picky...Ativan, Valium, Xanax, a full bottle of valerian root, whatever you've got on hand. All I'm saying that it's either chemically restrain me or physically do it, just don't make me watch my baby cry. What is it about that little monkey that makes me lose all reason and turns me into the very thing I avoided by not becoming a pediatric nurse?

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clintandnat said...

I want to see some pics of all this fun crafting. Maybe when I come visit you can teach me how to knit! :) You may not want to take me up on that offer- I am slightly challenged in that way. :)But I still want to see some cute pics of these creations.

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