Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Brighter Day

Sort of. Our plans to go to the Winchester Mansion and for a picnic were thwarted by the weather. (Isn't thwarted a good word?) Instead we did some shopping. As if the forces of the universe knew our tax return would be deposited, my camera died. How sad. Not. I've been looking for a good excuse to upgrade and "gee honey, this is all we will have of our daughter's childhood when she's grown and gone" works really great. Especially when packaged with "by the way...I think it's time to upgrade the computer as well." I only had to mention it once and we were off to Fry's. We were all excited to come home a lot more broke than we started out, but it turns out we didn't buy a single thing. Very deflating. On-line looks like it is the best place for Husband's computer parts and I'm not totally sold on the camera I'll be getting. I am looking at a few and can't make up my mind. Very unlike me, but I want to like it for a while.

So in memoriam. This is the last picture my camera took. Actually second to last.

I made this embellished tee yesterday. I'm not sure if I'll take off the sleeves and add my own or if just make some matching bloomers. It's somehow very patriotic to me. Maybe Little Miss will be big enough to wear it come Sept. We'll see.

This was the last pic.

We'll be paying for expedited shipping this week so we don't miss anything our cute kid may decide to do.

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