Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tough Chick

If you thought you'd gotten rid of me for the day...well, I guess you were wrong. I'm not about to give up my streak of daily writing (or rambling, whichever the case may be). I'm a tough chick. And I don't go down easy. Even after being up since 4:30. That's AM. And no, it had nothing to do with Little Miss. I don't get great sleep when the Handsome Husband is away. Kind of a waste since my parents have really comfortable beds, but anyway, I digress. I may be a tough chick, but I am about running on empty so in order to avoid sleep deprived blogging syndrome....that is where you go on and on and on without saying anything...I will leave you with a happy thought.

"Today I am going to be happier than a bird with a french fry."

I found this on a painting on Etsy which I am dying to buy for Little Miss' bedroom. Love Etsy!

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Byran & Diana said...

I also have a hard time sleeping if Byran has to stay late at work. It was also good to see you. have fun with your family.

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