Thursday, January 8, 2015

I stopped writing a few months back and have done myself, my family, and my posterity a disservice. I don't feel like going back and "catching up", but I can start from today.

#1. I am putting some concepts into practice that I've done a significant amount of reading on and I am excited by it. As a Mom of four who spends an inordinate amount of time getting excited about pee and poo IN the potty and not on any other surface, it feels so good to be excited on an intellectual level as well.

#2. Remember my 30 before 30 list? I went off track when we decided to sell our house, move to the country, and have a baby. I'm only trying to tackle 2/3 of those again, so it feels like perfect time to get back to it. My first violin lesson in a long, long time is tonight.

#3. I Pinterest searched 'minimalist craft room'. Not a whole lot came up in the search. Is hoarding just part of crafting? 

#4. Crafty projects I'd like to put into practice this year... knitting socks, making my own buttons, sewing machine writing, and a stained glass Nativity.

#5. My children are growing like weeds. Most of them speak fluent English now. It is the source of much of my frustration and hilarious at the same time.


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