Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oh, Mister. I call him George. Also known as El Monito or The Little Monkey. It helps me to think of him as a curious little monkey who doesn't mean to be naughty and get into everything, he just can't help himself. If he had been my first, it's very likely he'd have been my last. There's just so much busy packed into the little dude that I need my other helpers in order to keep up and to help keep him alive.

Yesterday was very exciting. We cleaned the toilets. I took him from bathroom to bathroom with me because the toilet lids were all up and he cannot be trusted. He was mesmerized! All the swirling and splashing and flushing. It was almost too much. He took a long nap when we were done.

Besides trying to stick EVERYthing into the electrical socket or into his mouth, he also likes to play hackey sack.

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