Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heaven Help Us

Scrunch is sitting at her table coloring and carrying on a conversation with Captain Hook. Peter Pan and Charlie's names pop up every once in a while, but they're old friends who hang around quite often. I'm used to them. What peaked my interest was when I overheard her start to teach them about Jesus.

"Erick is NOT Jesus," she told them.

Ah, she's getting it. Proud Mama moment. Check.

I have been secretly hoping that my children will catch reverence like the cold they come home from nursery with, and that they will learn at least some of the Gospel through osmosis. I mean really, what would you say?

We actually arrived to church a few minutes before Sacrament meeting. Oh, why yes thank you, I would like a brownie badge. Skip the badge and just bring me brownies.

"Mom! Why are they covering up the food and drink?"

"Come sit on my lap and I will tell you. (This is where my heart begins to swell and I think we're going to have 'a teaching moment'.) When Jesus died they covered his body. The sacrament is a symbol of his body and blood so they cover it up too."

"Wait. Why did Jesus die? What was he sick with? Couldn't he just get better?"

"He died for our sins so we could return to Heavenly Father." (This is where I'm starting to catch on that perhaps this will not be the Shining Mother moment I am hoping for.)

"Well, I think they cover it so Jesus can't sneeze on it."


I tell her to sit quietly and fold her arms, and wait for Papa to take his seat next to us.

"Hey Mom!"

"Shhhh. What?"

"Who's Jesus again?"

"He's our Brother."


I give up. I fold my arms and pray I do not pee as I struggle to contain my laughter.

Better luck next week.

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