Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It feels like a Monday but it's already Wednesday.

A few months ago, during one of Macy's extraordinary sales, I picked up a new set of stainless steel cookware. I love it. It is quite possibly one of the best purchases I've made this year. It's so shiny. I love it so much that perhaps that is why almost every single piece is still sitting in the sink or along the counter top. Every single piece. I just can't bring myself to put it away.

 Or I'm lazy and just can't bring myself to do the dishes this morning.

I pathetically even Googled "How to get motivated to do the dishes." More than a few results came up! And I started to think that perhaps I should do my part and write some completely asinine articles, or at least their titles so that just in case there are other women out there in my same position they would also have results when they turned to all-knowing Google. Just so they don't feel like they're the only ones.

"How to convince your three year old to name her Llama something besides Cocky."

And that's as far as I got because that's how very unmotivated I am today. Plus, it took longer than you'd think to compromise on "Peto."

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