Friday, June 1, 2012

How can you blame this face?

Don't you just (as Holly would say) want to chew on her cheeks?

It is hard to be anything but totally gaga over Squishy, so we let her take the hit for things. 

We thought it was a great plan to let Scrunch spend the day running errands and riding around in the Mini with Papa. Until they arrived at the dealership and she realized they were there to sell it. She cried, which in turn made Husband cry, and then he blamed Squishy- knowing that Scrunch will forgive Squishy anything. We have to sell it. There's just no room for Squishy in the Mini. Which is true, but not the only reason. 

I blame Squishy for my being the squishiest I've ever been. Totally her fault! Which is also true, but not the only reason.

We are camping right now and there's a high probability I bail and sleep in the car. Again...blaming Squishy. Mostly true, but definitely not the only reason.

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Ellie said...

She is very squishy, I like her. Can I blame her for my extra squishy-ness too? ... Or do my extra squishies look as good on me as they do on her? ... doubt it!

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