Wednesday, May 30, 2012

High Hopes

Hiiii-aiiii hopes! Pie in the sky-aiii hopes!

I am prepping for our first road trip of the summer. We have tethered my laptop to my phone so I can continue to work while we drive. Nice. We moved Scrunch and her booster to the third row so I can sit in the back with Squishy and Porkchop. It will be easier this way to keep him from "pinching her arm fat" and passing out snacks in rapid succession.Remember when I said that I was never going to let my kids eat in the car? Bwahahaha. How bout if I don't let them eat off the car floor? (For more than two meals in a row?)

Not only will it put me in closer proximity to hopefully disrupt any pinching, biting, teasing, licking, and general annoyances kids inflict on each other while driving before they even start, but my hiding in the back seat will also make it less apparent when I take a "break" from work and set to knitting. This is where the real preparation sets in. Forget about preparing kid approved camping meals and packing for a trip that will include photo ops at the aquarium, camping for two nights, and then a hotel stay and beach party. What really needs to be addressed is not what I should wear, but what knitting should I take and which books should I download?

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