Monday, May 7, 2012

Today it's Monday.

You might remember that I use to write a random post on Fridays. Little ditties that I'd like to express, but there just wasn't enough to do a whole post on. Sometimes it was Thursday. Other times it was Saturday. Today it is Monday. This week I'm either really early, or really late. Your pick.

Today was the first day of 30 Day Shred. Twelve hours and then six hours of natural labor and I don't ever recall wanting to physically hurt my midwives. 24 minutes with Jillian and I want to soccer punch her in the teeth. Needless to say it was a shock to the system and my ego. My four year old can do more push-ups than I can. "Come on Mommy! Don't stop!" And Porkchop with his dumbell substitution Campbell's cans! Oh, my abs! How many calories does laughing burn?

I have started to fill in the ole brows with a pencil. If I look a little more surprised than usual just chalk it up to being late to drop off at pre-school or the electricity going out.

No, we still don't know if we're moving to Jerusalem. They keep saying yes, but not saying when. I'm giving it till the end of the week and then I'm putting in the drip-line and the garden on Saturday.

They say you can't buy happiness. I say they be mistaking. Clearly, they have never purchased a pink ikat pillow or green chevron throw.

I'm having a hard time committing to a plan for window treatments in the family room. Go neutral or color? Lets see who's paying attention. Let's vote. This is a two part question. 

a) white 
b) stenciled stripes

Premier Prints Gotcha Twill Storm

Covington Savannah Paisley Cream

e) I don't care about your dumb drapes. 

Part 2. Pelmet boxes or drapes?

If you mark 'e', please stop reading my blog. Like today. Jerk. Of course you care about my window treatments!

I have started calling Juju, also known as Pollywogallina, Squishy. She gets squishier by the minute and my Husband felt that perhaps calling out "Baby Ju!" on an Israeli playground might not be the most politically correct thing I've ever said.

My son is an over-achiever. Not only does he take the batteries out of all electronic devices, but he also fills their cracks and crevices with cream cheese. That smell is the remote.

Found my phone in the back of a pushcar on the back patio. Wonder how that got there?

I could keep going. My thoughts are nothing if not random lately, but I've got to get crackin'. If you think a pillow and throw can put a smile on my face, you should see how absolutely giddy painting bathroom cabinets makes me. Or it's the fumes.

Peace, yo!

(That was as random as it gets.)

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cambridgeclan said...

My boring self thought that since people couldn't see in your window that your windows were fine. The thought of making it really cute hardly crosses my mind. I think if you did a busy print you may get tired of looking at it.

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