Tuesday, May 22, 2012


You can tell what's going on at our house usually by the sign in the window. For weeks it was, "Hands are for hugs, NOT hitting!" You can also tell how long we've slacked off on having FHE because weeks turns into the sign staying up for months, even once the tape is peeling and it keeps getting caught every time the sliding door opens.

I need to make and new sign anyway- just special for Mom.

"Your kids are  and  2!!!! They are normal. You are tired."

Sometimes I forget and I expect them to act more maturely, more like 6 and 4. When they act their age I am surprised and frustrated, and that is dumb. It is me, not them.

I spent a large part of the afternoon with E6000 and then filling a black garbage bag with toys. Man, I was ticked. Mostly because it's not like they had been neglected. We went for a long walk, made smoothies, and then they were naughty. So frustrating!

I hope Scrunch isn't traumatized by my stuffing her pink kitty into the garbage bag. It was a stuffed kitty. I'm pretty sure Porkchop will be totally fine. My attempt at teaching empathy fell flat when he laughed as I chucked his phone with my full force so he could watch a prized possession burst into a million tiny pieces. Nope, he didn't get it at all.


The kid only has like three intelligible words and one of them is "Shhhmash!!" Awesome.

What is 'Love and Logic' speak for me to go back to my kids and say, "Sometimes I suck at this. Here are your toys back."?


Good news! is I get to practice again today. AND I can leave this sign up all year, AND I did not put Porkchop in the washer.


cambridgeclan said...

Um ya. I get it. At the end of some days I look around and think, "no one was beat. I must be doing okay."

Marti said...

What the hell were those parents, and I use that name lightly, thinking!

Anonymous said...

I've spent the last hour + catching up here. It's been at least 200 years since I've been to your blog - OK, maybe not 200...BUT, since I've been here you've had a baby!! So exciting!!(She's adorb, by the way!!) Things have changed so much - but not your snark and your ability to make me giggle at the computer screen :).


P.S. Did I spy a pair of Dansko's on your feet?? - if so, we are destined to be kindred spirits my dear :)

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