Monday, May 14, 2012

My life.

Sometimes when I sit down to spew I feel like I need to start so many posts with, "I'm not crazy, I swear!!" But as the self proclaimed Mayor of Crazytown I think it might be, well... a lie. 

These little gremlins put the 'crazy' in Crazytown. There are days I think I'm gonna lose it (like most of last week). And others (like today) where every handprint I come across makes me stop and pray, "Dear Lord, don't let them grow up so fast!"

Almost every time I talk to my grandma she likes to remind me of the story of her grandma, my great-great-grandmother. My grandma was busy and overwhelmed one day raising her four little boys (And based on some of the stories I've heard, I'd have thought they were the spawn of Satan. No joke. They were four naughty little boys.) It was a normal day. She doesn't remember what was so unusual about it. She was just feeling tired and haggard when Grandma-Great stopped in. She looked around at the mess, looked at Grandma, and said, "These are the best days of your life!" Grandma burst into tears. And every time she tells me that story she laughs and says, "Honey, she was right!"

If she had stopped by my house this afternoon, I know she would have said the exact same thing. 

"These are the best days of your life!"


Holly said...

Funny..some lady at trader Joel's told me that same thing today while Grady was talking her ear off about captain America and his light sabers. She had tears in her eyes when she said her 30 year old son was just 3 a few years ago. I told her I remind myself to remember to enjoy the crazy everyday ESP the hard days:)

Lisa said...

Cute shoes.

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