Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I feel like a spit wad. Chewed up, spit out and left on the sidewalk to dry. Only waiting to be stomped on and stuck to the bottom of a little boy's sneaker where I will cling for dear life as he runs through the playground bark on his way up the slide. Playground bark is itchy. 

Do you follow? 

Me neither.

But aren't you glad you stopped by anyway? Don't you feel better about yourself? 

"I'm not as crazy as that Mayor. She's losin' it.

You're welcome.

In other news...

We finished painting the bathroom only hours before the barbecue. We had a pretty good turnout. It threatened rain and we had to move everything inside. I only wanted to freak just a little bit. 

Scrunch was intent on singing the Hebrew alphabet for The Bossman. Hint, hint!

Le Menu...Chips and guac, baked Brie and crackers, fruit with dip, brisket sandwiches on ciabatta rolls with carmelized onions and fixings, spicy coleslaw, baked beans, chips, s'mores, and peanutbutter cup homemade ice cream a la Ellie for dessert. There were so many leftovers we had more friends over Sunday night and more s'mores. 

Prior to the weekend my children had not experienced the ooey, gooey joy that can come from a marshmellow, Hershey's, and a box of graham crackers. They have now had their fill enough for an entire summer. We're going camping this weekend to ensure marshmellow overload. Porkchop is happy. Food on a stick on fire! Bazinga!

Do you watch The Bing Bang Theory? So funny. That's what the barbecue was like. A little bit like a cast party. Juuuust kidding. They aren't that bad. All I will add is.. go ahead, marry a nerd. They are employable and make good husbands. They are also great for family-friendly, cheap fun. Like the eclipse last weekend. 

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cambridgeclan said...

Okay, so sometimes read your blog and think, "I remember feeling that way." I have never had work friends over yet. I'm not quite to that point. The bathroom looks great.

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