Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to Summer!

I spent three hours making giant bubbles at preschool Adventure Day yesterday and the dog is still hiding in the closet not because it is cooler in there, but because he's sure he won't survive another blast from a water pistol. Poor Jed! It's gonna be a long summer.

We started a Summer Fun List on Sunday afternoon on the chalkboard, but Scrunch erased most of it within the hour so she could color. I went to town adding to it. Because so help me, we are gonna have fun dammit! We are going to have so much fun the kids will be begging us to put them to sleep in the evenings. I know I start begging for sleep about three-thirty in the afternoon.

Crossing barbecue off the list is in progress.

"Why, yes babe, why not invite your boss and a bunch of work dudes and their families to dinner at our place after one of the busiest weeks ever?"

"And while we're at it let's repaint the hallway leading to the bathroom they'll use and rip up the carpet to finish the flooring."

Oy. We might need to revisit the definition of fun.

Next week we'll start getting the hang of it with a trip to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, camping at Big Sur, and a beach party! After a week at home it looks like we're probably headed to Portland for a week and then three days later we make our exodus to Zion for a wedding and to catch up with some family. It's gonna be nuts! And fun, so help me! And hey, it's summer! You reduce laundry by wearing your swim suit for three days at a time and survive it with naps in the car.

2012 Summer Fun List
  • Jump on trampoline
  • Geocaching
  • Make ice cream
  • Play in a fountain
  • Practice face painting
  • Go bowling
  • Make popcicles
  • Ice cube boats
  • Make fans
  • Make stepping stones
  • Pick berries
  • go to the Swap Meet
  • decorate a big box
  • go fishing
  • backyard tin foil dinners
  • build a sprinkler course
  • Christmas in July
  • write letters
  • county fair
  • Treat Tuesdays
  • Craft Day 
  • road trip
  • Color Run
  • Summerfest
  • barbecue
  • Monterrey Bay Aquarium
  • go canoeing
  • practice French braids
  • pedicures
  • sew skirts
  • learn jumprope rhymes

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Holly said...

You need to add the zoo or sea world with Grady & his crazy mom:)

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