Thursday, May 10, 2012

Somethin' to look at.

I took 'before' pictures in the mirror today. If I get the desired results, I might post them with the 'afters'. Just for comparison's sake. On their own they are a little...saggy? Saggy is just as good a word as any.

In the meantime, take a look here. Freshly painted bathroom cabinets with new hardware! It is taking me almost two weeks to do what should have been a 48hr makeover. Mirror frame and light fixture in by Mother's Day??

It started with finding a forty-five dollar shower curtain on clearance for seven dollars. I've had lots of "help" with the wallpaper and I'm surprised all the hardware is still in place.

Then there's the little interrupting projects along the way. Stenciled tote bags for Teacher Appreciation Week. Fixing buttons and putting pieces together for Scrunch's costume. Her first play is tomorrow night! It's just a pre-school thing for the parents and families, but I don't know who's more excited. Gramps even shared his top-secret Snickers cupcake recipe for the occasion. This is gonna be good!

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