Thursday, May 17, 2012



It's not quite midnight and I made it.

Porkchop's presents are wrapped and all laid out. I didn't think I was going to make it. At 5:15p.m. I still needed to run to Ace Hardware, give haircuts to the boys, prime and paint the tricycle, work another hour, do the bedtime routine, finish cutting my squares for the swap, cut and sew his cap, wrap the presents, blow up balloons, do the dishes, and pick up the family room. With Husband's help it all got done. I could not disappoint. Porkchop might only be turning two and have no clue what a birthday is, but an oober-helper big sister does.

"I'm sooo excited for tomorrow."


"It's his birthday."

"Yeah, but why are you excited?"

"Because I can't wait to ride his bike 'cause he doesn't know how!!"

Oh, that girl. It is the Scrunch show. All day, all the time.

And now I'm going to post pictures of her debut performance. There are only like three. It's so hard to get a picture without someone's big fat head in the middle of it.

"Olive Octopus has such style. She waves her arms all the while. Oh, oh, oh. For the letter 'o'!"

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