Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school

My midwife said that just when you get your kids trained up into such nice little people they're ready to send off for school to ruin. I am beginning to see how this is the case.

Scrunch doesn't care. She can't wait. She doesn't even flinch or hesitate to give me the thumbs up signal to hit the road. She says goodbye to me in the car because once inside it's like "Yeah, whatever. Catch ya later old lady."


With her gone to preschool now, I am officially outnumbered two afternoons per week. I am going to miss my little helper. She's become so silly and nice to have around. More than ever I have come to rely on and appreciate my "big girl".

P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only person who sings Billy Madison's 'Back to School' song every time you see someone's 'Back to School' post? Jr. High obviously left a deep and profound impression on me. Rest easy though. I have not taught my preschooler any of Adam Sandler's songs.

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Marti said...

I don't sing Back to School, but sure you're not alone, there is probaly one other person who does :) Scrunch is so grown up :( and what a cutie she is!

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