Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, monday.

  • I have to write or my head might explode, or I might forget. 
  • I'm totally bummed that I've had my new sewing machine and serger sitting in its box for over a week! Merry early Christmas from my Husband! I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't play until my CEUs were done. Blast being the responsible adult! 
  • I better finish my CEUs soon. We have the primary program and my sisters wedding coming up in the next couple of weeks, both of which will require new skirts for the girls.
  • While it IS helpful that the girls are 9 and 8, they are still little girls with no experience living in a typical family that has chores, responsibilities, belongings, etc. It is normal, but this can a be huge source of frustration for me. The kind that leaves me wasted at the end of the week and in tears. I was rescued by a friend who put away my groceries and my husband bringing me a slice of tiramisu. 
  • I have a friend who does not wait for you to come up with ways she can help. I've never heard her say, "Let me know if there is something I can do to help." She just does things. And I've watched her do lots of things for lots of people. When I grow up, I want to be more like that.
  • Today's FHE is on table manners. Basic, but it's something that is driving me CRAZY! I found this list that I liked. Since Miss8 is having her tooth extracted we needed something soft for dinner. Mashed potatoes and salmon. This should put "no complaints over what is served" to the test.

Table Manners
1. Eat with a fork unless the food is meant to be eaten with fingers. Only babies eat with fingers.

2. Sit up and do not hunch over your plate; wrists or forearms can rest on the table, or hands on lap. You don't want to look like a Neanderthal.

3. Don't stuff your mouth full of food, it looks gross, and you could choke.

4. Chew with your mouth closed. No one wants to be grossed out seeing food being chewed up or hearing it being chomped on. This includes no talking with your mouth full.

5. Don't make any rude comments about any food being served. It will hurt someone's feelings.

6. Always say thank you when served something. Shows appreciation.

7. If the meal is not buffet style, then wait until everyone is served before eating. It shows consideration.

8. Eat slowly and don't gobble up the food. Someone took a long time to prepare the food, enjoy it slowly. Slowly means to wait about 5 seconds after swallowing before getting another forkful.

9. When eating rolls, tear off a piece of bread before buttering. Eating a whole piece of bread looks tacky.

10. Don't reach over someone's plate for something. Politely ask that the item to be passed to you. Shows consideration.

11. Do not pick anything out of your teeth, it's gross. If it bothers you that bad, excuse yourself and go to the restroom to pick.

12. Always use a napkin to dab your mouth, which should be on your lap when not in use. Remember, dab your mouth only. Do not wipe your face or blow your nose with a napkin, both are gross. Excuse yourself from the table and go the restroom to do those things.

13. When eating at someone's home or a guest of someone at a restaurant, always thank the host and tell them how much you enjoyed it. At least say that you liked the dinner or mention a specific item that was particularly tasty, i.e. the dessert was great. Again, someone took time, energy, and expense to prepare the food, so show your appreciation.

And I'm going to dig out some popsicle sticks for a manners game, and spray paint a little pig for our table so we can play this game for fun.

  • I am still wanting to move the country and eat a lot of peaches. Some day.
  • My days of room re-dos have come to a screeching halt, but I still need the outlet of doing something for my home. I am working on a list of things that will take me less than 30 minutes to complete but will give me a full day of happiness and self satisfaction.
  • I am going to be making peace with the laundry. Audible is going to help. 2 loads folded and put away before noon is my new goal- starting tomorrow. What should I listen to first?

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