Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I don't feel like blogging because I feel like I'd need to "catch up". Let's pretend I did.

We went. We saw. We conquered.

Moving on.

Right now...

Beezus and Scrunch are in the backyard grinding acorns for a school project. Something about Native Americans and acorn flour.

Miss8 is in reading the fourteen page Wikipedia article on raccoons.

Scrunch came in from grinding acorns and is yelling about ManCub coming into the bathroom.

Porkchop is doing the dishes. He loooves to do the dishes and rinses and rinses and rinses and rinses them.

ManCub is being thrown into the air by Papa as a distraction to staying out of the bathroom.

Juju is army crawling all over the floor in search of lost popcorn kernels.

I have a cold and am sitting in the recliner with my laptop.

Papa is in charge.

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