Wednesday, February 27, 2008

By the end of the day...

I had been pooped on, peed on, was covered in frosting, smelled like Mexican food, and looked like I had more eyeshadow under my eyes rather than on my actual lids, and my kitchen looked like Costco exploded. Which it kind of did, since I shop primarily at Costco and decided that I would cook. And if you're going to cook you might as well make a mess. Again, did I mention that I cook now? Sort of. I pointed out to John after the cupcakes were baked, frosting whipped, and dinner eaten that it took me almost an hour and half for one of Rachel Ray's 30 min meals. But hey, I'm actually cooking... that is an improvement to say the least.

So the funny story of the day...the being pooped on part... Little Miss is going to hate this story as she gets older. But her Papa will love telling it to every boy that comes within a quarter mile of our house. I took her to get her one month pics done at J C Penney. Of course I had to get some naked ones, so I was holding her and the Photo-taking Chick was clicking away. With one hand behind her head and one on her bottom she started making the cutest little faces. The Photo-taking Chick is still clicking away when I interrupt with "...umm...she just pooped..." Yes, in my hand. What could I do? It would have been everywhere. It was more than usual which would just figure. The Photo Chick was mortified. So here I am with a handful of you know what trying to make HER more comfortable. I start babbling to Little Miss about how it's a good thing mommy is nurse and how it's not the first time I've been pooped on just so the chick can quit freaking out that I'm not freaking out. And Little Miss, obviously more comfortable, went back to sleep. Poor girl. She doesn't even know that she's just embarrassed herself for her entire Jr. High and High School years.

So, after all of that, I only accomplished four things on my actual To-Do list. When I told my handsome husband, he said, "Well you're doing better than I did. I didn't get the #1 thing on my To-do list done." When I asked what it was he replied "Write a to-do list". Ha ha! He thinks he's so funny. At that point we just gave up on the day being very productive and watched the commentary on the Lord of the Rings. We must be the biggest nerds on the planet to watch the Lord of the Rings with the cast commentary. But at least he still loves me at the end of the day.

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Looks like you got the cream whipped :) Happy Mesaversary Monkey!!!!

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