Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shop Till You Drop

Lets just be honest. Some people are shoppers, some are not. I am a shopper. I get a sort of high from finding a good deal. It's not even just about the stuff, but the thrill of the hunt if you will for a fabulous bargain. Then like any other addiction, there is the crash; the guilt, the remorse and the justification to loved ones (mainly my handsome husband), until you can go out and do it again. I know I'm being dramatic here, but seriously there is something to shopping that is relaxing and even cathartic at times.

This is going to sound pathetic to some, but there are specific places in the local shopping where I can remember some of the lowest of lows in my life. When I was upset and depressed about not having a child, I bought baby clothes. While in school and pining to get out of our cinder block rabbit hutch at BYU, I bought things for the house. I loved to shop for baby things. Most times I was able to talk myself out of a purchase (obviously... who was going to use it?) But there were times when I came home with a purchase and put it in the closet to save for another day. I'm not proud of it, but due to my weakness for a deal I have contributed to the $20-billion dollar a year infant/toddler/preschool market.

Now that I've gotten that out, the real reason for the post is to share some of my favorite things...Buying baby stuff is so much fun, even when you don't have a baby! It's just so gosh-dang cute. (I know, I know. Now that I am a mommy, I have to watch my mouth.)

#1. Baby legs- These are one size fits all leggings that come in all sorts of prints. I love them! They are warm and cozy and of course gosh-dang cute!

They can be found at Babylegs and also at Target.

#2. Oeuf Baby Lounger- This thing is awesome! Sturdy and cute! Not to mention it is how I get a shower these days. When Little Miss is awake I stick it in the bathroom so I can hear her while I shower. (I take very, very long showers) And now I have an audience to my singing!

You can find it at BabyGear online. I got mine new on E-bay! (LOVE the Ebay!)

#3. Fleurville Diaper Bag- This was one of the first pre-baby baby things I bought. One of its many cool features is that it is made with Green-LAM™, ®Fleurville’s very environmentally friendly polyurethane laminate. Which means it appeals to the tree hugger side of me, and can be easily wiped off!

You can order any of their bags at Fleurville. I bought mine at TJ Maxx. (Unless it says Coach, more than $100 bucks on a bag that will carry poopy diapers is a little much for me.)

#4. The Cradle- This is THE cradle. I drooled and drooled over this when I saw it on a website. But due to the price, I could not justify it. Even in the depths of despair. So, as if by some small token of providence, I found it one day at Costco for 75% OFF! I almost bought all of them, but resisted.

#5. Baby slings! Any and all types. I love them. I'm proud to say that I have finally figured out how to tie it and put her in it without someone else to help.

There are all types. There's the New Native, PeanutShell, Hotslings, Moby Wrap... and on and on. Mine was made by a good friend of mine. Thank you Naomi for the wrap! It is awesome!

You can find out more at

Thank you to all the family and friends who have been oober-generous at feeding my addiction to cute kid stuff! It is really appreciated! Little Miss has a closet full of pink and an already growing collection of shoes. The first week my mom was here I was excitedly showing her all that I had collected and she said, "You know Yannette, they're not dolls!" I beg to differ. The first few weeks you don't do much but look at them, so you might as well change it up a bit by changing their outfit!

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