Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Mes-aversary!

When we were dating and were counting months this was our corny saying! Un Mes is a month in Spanish. Yes it is dumb, but we were in love. Anyway...

Today is our little girl's Mes-aversary! This is a huge deal in the process of building our family and we are so excited! It means a lot for us and for the rest of you it means I feel more comfortable posting pictures of her. It would take days to load them all so I'll only post a few this morning.

We celebrated by sleeping through the night (down at 9, up at 1 then down till 5) Yay! And today we will bake cupcakes and have pictures taken. Since neither of us actually like cake we will take them to Megan (a friend of of ours) who turns 11 tomorrow!

O'dark-thirty this morning. She is not camera shy as you can see. Even at 5 am.

This is Little Miss in her snow suit while in Utah. (Yes, I drove to Utah for a funeral with a three week old. I must have bumped my head to think it was a good idea, but we survived it thanks to my sister going with me.)


Byran & Diana said...

Little Miss is so cute. I am so glad you posted pictures. I can't wait to meet her. You are not crazy driving with a 3 week old. I took Edison to Utah at 4 weeks, on a plain.

Matt & Christa said...

Congradulations, this is a big milestone! She is just adorable. I'm so excited to have a neice. Thank you again for coming and spending some time with us while you were here! It was so great to see her. Keep the pictures coming!

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