Sunday, November 8, 2009

Freely Giving

When you're a famous blogger, people give you free stuff. Have you noticed that? Almost all the 'famous' blogs I read post regularly about this and that fancy shmancy cute thing that someone sent them out of the blue. I'm sure it is completely out of the generosity of their humongous heart and not the free advertising that prompts such giving. The same spirit of giving that overwhelms my sister from time to time, and not her desire to purchase her status as favorite aunt. But you know what? It totally works.

At six AM Friday morning I received a frantic phone call from my sister in Tejas. My husband was not overly impressed, and from the other room he's yelling the following questions.

Is she engaged?


Was she in an accident?


Did she win the lottery?


Did aliens land in Texas?


Then why is she calling?

She wants to know Scrunch's shoe size.

ETA four to five days depending on the reliability of their ground shipping. I'm sure I'll post a rave review about both the shoes and my sister when they arrive.

If you'd like a rave review posted about you, I've had my eyes on these beauties.

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