Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amen Sista!

CJane is not really my sister (we each have enough of those on our own), and I don't have a habit of shouting that phrase out on a regular basis. Though I still kind of wish I went to a church where it was. How fabulously entertaining would an "Amen Sista!" and "Hallelujah!" be throughout Fast and Testimony meeting?

Still, I totally loved CJane's post tonight. Considering that for two days in a row as soon as Scrunch was in bed, I was beyond ready for two Haagen-Dazs vanilla almond bars to smooth away the stress of the day. She's almost two you know. That's why I had two. And that is how you spell it. I have an old wrapper laying in front of me.

But tonight I fell asleep before she did and only groggily remember hearing her emphatic Aaaamen! to our nighttime prayer. My kid would be awesome in a lively Amen Sista! kind of testimony meeting. I woke up long after she's been in bed for several hours and kind of miss the kid. Although not so much 'Pary Poppins' for the thousandth time. Just watching her clog like a chimney sweep in shoes several sizes too big.


cambridgeclan said...

You are making me wish I had not used so much self control at Costco the other day. I saw those bars on instant rebate and almost gave in. I convinced myself I didn't have freezer space.

Goose said...

I have watched that video about 5 times now. Scrunch is so stinkin' cute!!!

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