Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Because we can.

Why do we drive for an hour to find a tree when we could just as easily go to the Home Depot lot?

Why do we have to cut it down ourselves?

Why do we each consume an entire strudel and cider (or hot juice as Scrunch calls it)?

Why do we buy the biggest tree we think will fit in the family room only to discover once we're home that it will actually need to be trimmed by a foot and a half?

Why do we tolerate mom's stupid reindeer antlers?

Because we can. And because mom makes us.


Lisa said...

Great pics- love them.

Angela said...

Love the antlers! What an adorable picture of the three of you.

It was nice to see you again on Tuesday!

jody said...

Oh my goodness that brings back wonderful memories!!!

Miquela said...

I have your scarf in purple. I got it when we went to the outlets. I love the bug's boots. She is getting so big.

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