Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bulleted Blogging

It is not for lazy bloggers. It is for bloggers who have lots of thoughts, none of them interesting, but not enough to say on any one thing to come up with entire coherent sentences- much less paragraphs.
  • Good golfer does not equate to good person, husband, and father. Why do we still glorify sports persona as heroes? They play a sport really, really well. Unless you know them, look up to them for that and nothing more. Same goes for any other celebrity. And if even half of it is true, look up to his wife as a money making genius. I feel bad for the kids, but hope she takes him for every cent she can get!
  • My life has changed A LOT. I noticed this while caravaning to the thrift store with a friend. We took separate cars because there wasn't enough room for the car seats and anything else we might bring home. Costco for lunch as an outing and car seats. Weird.
  • It's been a long, long time but I totally got checked out by two normal looking and not obviously creepy looking buddies at Costco while shopping alone Friday night. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I came around the aisle and they got a glimpse of me in profile and then from the front. Eyes practically bugged out of their heads! Costco on a Friday night and my bulging uterus. Totally weird. Told you life has changed.
  • But you don't play the piano! Not yet. F. R.E.E. That spells free. Free piano for me, baby.

It is distressed and it is green. It is fate.

And yes, those are the pictures of three totally check-out line check out worthy mamas from what was previously formally known as the IFC.

  • For three days I have woken up at 3:58am, 4:02am, and 4:28am. That is how you find the good stuff on Craigslist. That is also how you spend hours reading reviews and doing Santa's research on things like play kitchens. Give me a model, I'll give you the specs.
  • I hate, hate, hate, hate to pee in public restrooms. I would rather squat on the side of the road or behind a rock any day. Probably the loudest and scariest I have ever yelled at Scrunch (so far) was at the gas station in Baker when she insisted on going potty with me. Do NOT touch ANYTHING! Risking being arrested for indecent exposure might give me enough to write a complete and coherent post one of these days.


Goose said...

I also hate peeing in public restrooms. There is something so gross about them...ew. It might not be so bad if I was better at helicopter hovering...

Wilkins Clan said...

Ok I know you do not like belly posts but for those of us that do not get to see you very often we would love to see how cute you look preggy.

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