Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Les Miserables

Porkchop is miserable.

My mom gut tells me his little face hurts from the adjustment on his appliance yesterday and because his little vacation from taping is over. Not even six months old and he's already wishing for vacations. Poor kid. We've already started planning a Disney Cruise for when his surgeries are over.

Porkchop being miserable makes mom miserable. I can't do much but pretend his little (and big) whimpers don't make me want to throw myself off a bridge so we just sit in the recliner and rock and rock and rock.

Mom's nerves I'm sure make Papa miserable. Don't touch the air conditioning. It is my blanket warning to everyone. I can see the thermostat from the recliner so don't try getting all sneaky.

The dog must be some sort of miserable because he's only puked five times on the carpet today. Luckily it's in the other room so I won't have to look at the spots all day- buying me some time of separation from the Bissell, one of the best things I've ever spent money on. I added to his misery by kicking him outside with Ani for the day.

Scrunch though is happy as a clam. She's be running around in her undies all day and her messy curls give her an uncanny resemblance to Mogli. It's funny to watch from my spot on in the corner of the family room. She slept in until 10 and has finagled watching Sesame Street, Dragon Tales and now Barney. She's already started talking about watching Caillou. I'm sorry it's last on the PBS Kids lineup because I can stand Caillou. Throw Barney off that bridge to soften my landing.

I don't know where the cat is. Wherever he is I not-so-secretly hope he's miserable because his attempts to climb the walls at 3:30am are going to also land him at the bottom of that bridge.

That pretty much sums the day up. If you need me you know where to find me. Hint- recliner or nearest bridge.


Goose said...

I have an idea- pack up and go to grami's. Kensley can come stay w/ me and Gwen will entertain the dogs.

Marin said...

I'm sorry Yanette. I hate hard days like that but on the flip side, you seem to have good humor about it and you will have a great day to balance it out. I miss knitting! Haven't been for two weeks. Need to go next week...it's been hard around here too.

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