Friday, July 16, 2010

Such a nice little person.

It's hard to tell if Porkchop's smiling when he's got his appliance in and is all taped up. He's the smiliest kid too, which makes it sad. He's got the whole Tyra Banks "smize" down- smile with your eyes, but it's so subtle it looks like he's doing business in his didee to everyone but Mom.

A plus to his reaction to the tape last week was that he went without it for several days. I just went a little crazy with the denture adhesive and the appliance stayed in place. I only almost brushed my teeth with the denture adhesive twice. It happened to be the same week that he woke up one day a full on little person with lots of things to say. It was awesome or as Scrunch puts everything these days, "That's so very nice!"


grandma/mom said...

He is so darn cute and his eyes are SO expressive! I love the stages babies go through! I just love Scrunches comments! She is what 3 going on 10?

Goose said...

Such a cutie pie!

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