Friday, July 23, 2010

Uh, hello.

Some random thoughts that I hope if I just put out there, I'll be able to sleep. I read a study that blogging releases tryptophan. Um, no but that has to be one of the most often quoted phrases to give yourself credibility even when you're full of crap. "I read this study..."

Being tired but not able to sleep is a really weird place to be. Not nearly as weird as the fear of being fertile after infertility. It's a very strange thing to not want to be pregnant under any circumstances at the moment.

Whiner. Wiener. It's my middle name. Whiner-wiener. It's hyphenated and I haven't blogged because I is one lately.

The problem with people reading your blog is that then people are reading your blog.

There is an insurance customer service rep in Iowa (or India) that is very glad Holly called when she did and he doesn't even know it. She made me laugh so I didn't lose it on the fella. Cosmetic? and medical justification? Got a data plan? I'll text you a pic. A total doll but HE'S GOT A HOLE IN HIS FACE! Ya picked the wrong broad to bully. I'm willing to do battle. Stupid insurance.

You've seen that movie The Incredibles? And elasta (elasti?) Whatever. Elasta-girl? Well, I'm not her. She stretches in every direction possible and just bounces right back. I always thought I'd be one of those women that just bounced right back after baby. I also thought I was going to have eight kids-all boys. I was bounced on my head is what I was bounced.

If you've ever watched Jerry Springer and thought, "No way can this be real! Are people really that screwed up?" I'd like to testify that um, yeah. They are. And for the record, it's a bloody miracle I'm as sane as I am- all things considered.

Porkchop is totally my boyfriend.

They say the first five miles are the hardest and then you get a runner's high. I'm ready to be high. Just sayin. I do not love running. I woke up with 'There Are Owies in My Groin Today' sung to the tune of 'There is Sunshine in My Soul Today'.

I went to the yarn shop for the first time since Porkchop was born today. With both kids! We also went out to a bona-fide restaurant. Neither were as scary as I thought it would be. I've got to give Scrunch more credit.

I cut my toe with the toenail next to it making me feel like a total hillbilly. I might be able to open a can. I have yet to schedule a pedicure since the arrival of Porkchop. Maybe this weekend.

Welcome home Miq!

Just keep swimming! Just. keep. swimming!


Casey said...

Just catchin' up on the blogs...glad you're still around and kickin! Love the camping pictures, and the studio pics. Thanks for always giving me something to laugh about (or at least chuckle)!

KerryQ said...

Hang in there! I had a little guy on 5/21 (#3). He's doing great, but I can empathize with some of what you're going through. Just keep swimming. And save the calls to the insurance company for when you're really ticked. About anything. Then let them have it.

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