Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peaches, Millions of Peaches

I write blog posts in my head throughout the day. But when I have a few minutes to sit down and type, I fall asleep. It's probably for the best because even though I thought my grip on sanity was improving, it turns out I'm still a hormonal wackadoodle. I cried during Minute to Win It the other night.

Yup, standing at the counter for hours peeling, paring, and stuffing peaches in a jar crying to that stupid show.
(And when I say stupid I mean, stupidly addicting and I can't get enough, so much so that I'm planning a Minute to Win-It Party.)

Whose bloody bright idea was another ninety pounds of peaches?

Over the course of the last week I've had a lot to think about in regards to peaches- beyond not wanting to look at another single one now that they are everywhere. Those little flecks of peach puree are gnarly to scrub off a tile counter top. I've thought a lot about how much I'd like to change that counter top and a bajillion ways to improve the kitchen on a dime. Unfortunately, all my grand ideas seem to include painting the cupboards. Husband is not going to like that. Maybe I can trick him into thinking painting is fun. My plan is to trick Scrunch into thinking a bucket of hot soapy water and stiff bristle brush are super fun big girl toys. If I succeed and she sticks around long enough to get most of my nightmare moped, I figure the cupboards are in the bag!

Did you know that peaches are metaphors for several phases in life? Serious.

When CJane described herself as giant peach while awaiting labor, I had trouble following. But, um okay... If CJane says it must be true...Then a few weeks later my own midwife used the same 'peach on a tree' metaphor. Knowing the parable of the peach is requisite for practicing midwifery.Peaches and preggos. Who knew?

But it extends further than that, it turns out, affecting my master plan.

I bought the peaches on Friday intent that we'd be canning on Saturday. Cleared the whole day and every counter in preparation for it. I had a master plan. Only one little, eensy detail was missing. The peaches weren't ripe yet.

Peachy keen.

And so it goes.

Peaches, the great metaphor for life.

And they make yummy smoothies.

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