Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoopie Dear

As if the girlies in this household didn't have enough opinions... Now we're asking Shoopie (Shelby) the bald-headed Cabbage-brat what she thinks. Everything is "Shoopie says no." And "Shoopie doesn't want to." And "Shoopie wants this" and "Shoopie wants that". "Shoopie needs a snack." Shoopie was quickly approaching my last nerve!

A meaner (but smarter) Mama would have let her ditch her in the grocery cart after she was told with all the exasperation a toddler can muster that, "She can stay here." Even two-and-a-half year old (and don't forget the half) Mamas have their limits when grocery shopping with their kidlets. And I thought it was just me. I quickly made my peace with Shoopie as I fished her out and made sure she was tucked safely next to the car seat in the backseat. It's still a little disappointing though that as demanding as she's been lately, she's never going to be much use when it comes to chores.


JessG said...

I HEAR YA! Horsie Horse Dora Gobble is running the way things go around here A LOT of the time. Problem is 1) She's a hands and 2) If she had hands, she's really not much use anyway.

Things seem to take forever when Horsie Horse Dora Gobble is around.

Miquela said...

And is that when you explained to her that mommy's love their babies no matter what they do?

Ellie said...

Since I dont appreciate stalkers not leaving a comment here it goes: This is Ellie! We met briefly at the Intel party. I have just spent waay too much time reading your blog and we have alot in common. I, like you, appreciate natural births, tom petty, and sarcasm. And lets not forget that we have kids in the same age department. Its a shame we didnt chat more. Lets be friends.

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