Monday, March 14, 2011

All the math I remember summed up here.

Once upon a time I took Statistics in college. As I was a nursing/health major I found it really annoying that it was one of the pre-reqs. And I think I took it at like 8 a.m. Like I was ever going to use Statistics! Puh-lease! Don't fall off your chair to find out that I happen to be applying it on a daily basis, or that I even remember this junk.

Direct correlation;  y = a + kx, where k is positive constant and a is a constant.

This can also be written as

Y's consumption of Dr. Pepper = Porkchop's surgery + stress (the closer we get to said surgery!!)

"Correlation is not causation but it sure is a hint."


Ellie said...

Head to costco and get a giant case before the big day !!

Goose said...

mmmm.... Dr. Pepper... a nice cold Dr. Pepper sounds so good right now.

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