Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wendy Lady

As a nurse she was my mentor. She hired me as a new grad and taught me the ropes. She was the kind of boss who was your friend. She would call you in to her office, painted purple and the walls covered with inspiring quotes, just to see how things were going. Her cell phone was never off, and she always answered- day or night. I have watched her do a med pass from her wheelchair and take patients and staff home when they didn't have anywhere else to go.

As a friend, she cries with you. She has the capacity to make you feel like the most important person in the world. Everything you say is important and boy can she laugh! The image of her coming down the hallway in her Jazzy is imprinted in my brain and makes me smile every time it surfaces. She gave me her own '#1 Mom' bracelet charm as good luck when were trying to get pregnant. Her going away gift of a small Quan yin Goddess of Compassion figurines sits alongside the floating pearl necklace from Dad and the teardrop diamond necklace John gave me when we got married.

She talks of peace and service, but lives it to.

She also suffers from a terminal illness that has taken her independence and her ability to work in a profession she loves.

March 12 there will be a benefit in her honor to raise funds for medical expenses. If you can make it, if your cousin's aunt's dog groomer's Utah relatives can make it, please try to be there. You will leave a better, happier person just having been in the same room with her.


I am on the lucky list of her e-mail recipients. These are snippets from her last e-mail. I'm tellin' ya. You're going to want to be there. March 12. Don't forget.

 "I try to keep myself open to anything new and exciting that's coming my way! ...  Stay in touch as you can and know how very much I love each of you.  The hyper drive, but on my life may have been pushed but I am determined to stay present every day, in every way and soak up all the goodness that I possibly can.  Life is good, very good.  I am surrounded by the greatest group of people, each of you offer me a soft place to land.  I can't imagine it getting any better.  Be well!  Smile a lot!  Do those things that bring you joy! ...Much love and thanks to all of you.  Please everyone hold a good thought for the people of Palestine as they live under the heavy hand of military/political oppression.  One of my favorite quotes is none of us are free, if one is oppressed.  There is much work to do in that region.  All the positive energy we can send that way will help.  Sleep well and know that you are loved." 

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