Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brother and Sister

My little stalker boyfriend is just shy of three feet and stands every morning pounding with both fists on the shower door, "Mam-mam! U-up! U-up, Mam-mam!"

If I leave his sight for more than a few minutes, from down the hallway I hear, "Hey! Mam-mam! Hey!" I respond with a "hey!" And quickly too because if I wait too long he will come looking for me and demand, "U-up!"

If he hears my phone ring he comes as fast as he can demanding I hand it over so he can talk to "Ga-ga!" "Ga-ga!" It doesn't even matter if it's not his Ga-ga, he has to double check. Just to be sure. If he is disappointed to not find my mom's picture on the face of my phone, he will push buttons until he can get it to come up. It has never really occurred to me not to give him the phone. I usually hide and whisper in the other room until he comes looking for me instead. It's very mature, I know. As a co-dependent participant in this relationship, I give in to him. Almost every time.

Scrunch, on the other hand, is not as enamored with his charms. She has no problem telling him what's what. Like on the Fourth of July when he started to whimper in his uncertainty about the booming above. "Oh, Baby Bubba! It's just fine. They're just loud lights!"

The ultimate Big Sister. She explains things to him so matter of fact. And the best part is, I think he listens. She still womps on him routinely and tricks him into giving up toys she wants, but she's such a little mother to him. He will hate it when he gets older, I'm sure. But next to her, I am chopped liver. If the "Mam-mam! "Mam-mam!" gets shouted down the hall, you should hear him wail if he can't find his "Kah-kah!"

The dude is so gaga for his Kah-Kah he probably hasn't noticed I'm not

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