Friday, July 1, 2011

Kitchen Madeover

Fly Lady can come clean my kitchen if she doesn't like the way I do it. I never get dressed all the way to shoes before doing anything, and don't think I ever will. I think I must wear shoes about 25% percent of the time, and less if I can help it.

What you really need to get motivated to clean the kitchen is to be standing on a little zebra print goodness and blasting Adele.

The kitchen. is. done!!

It was done on the cha-heap!!! Using leftover Rustoleum cabinet transformations from the laundry room. Chalk board paint on the island. All the accessories were either found, made, or discovered at the Goodwill. The lighting was purchased on Amazon for $11.99 a piece on major!!! clearance. Out the door for about $250 bucks.

Done good, I'd say.

Need I remind you how far we've come? Gah!!!!... stock builder beige beige to colorful make you want to vomit circus...


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Amy and Wayne Taylor said...

Wow it looks amazing!!! I love the chalkboard painted island, and of course the help wanted sign:)

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