Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Park It

A few weeks ago I shared a to-do list of things I wanted to accomplish by the beginning of the month. As I look over the list now, I go right over "Hmmm,I was feeling ambitious." and straight to "What the hell was I thinking?!!!"

All things being what they've been, what they are, and what they are likely to be for the next few months, I am going to give myself credit for prioritizing what was most important to me. The flooring in the family room is finished (minus some quarter round I'll probably paint and install the week before we sell the house ten years from now). And I made myself quite a comfy place to park it by finishing my outdoor pillows. This lends itself to my feeling much more productive than I've actually been because I have a perfect view of our garden. It's more productive than I'll ever be, and I have a nice shady spot to lounge and listen to my books on Audible while I wait for Husband to come home and rescue me. This explains my lack of blogging. I still don't like to do it from my phone.

I plan to finish the family room next week. My curtain fabric should be delivered today and then I'll go find the real camera to take pictures. I'll have to get up to do that. What did people do before their fancy phones? If it could dispense milk, snacks, and fold laundry I'd be completely replaceable. My phone wont sew the curtains for me, but I'll have help for that. The little bit of news that I was to share if I finished my list is kind of a mute point anyway because most of you already know. Aunt Miq is coming for an internship and will be staying with us until December! Yay! (This is where I would insert a joke about getting a SisterWife without having to share my Husband, but my Husband doesn't like it when I say that and my sister probably wont either when she reads it.) She'll have a full time job, but if she starts to get bored then I can keep her busy finishing up my lists. Heaven knows I'm good at starting them.

Just this week...

It's gone totally bonkers.


Erica said...

Is that Porkchop in the picture?!?! Holy cow he has gotten big. You need to post more pictures please. Love you!

Goose said...

He is such a cute chunky monkey!!

cambridgeclan said...

I would say growing a baby is pretty stinkin productive! Congrats on a great garden.

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