Saturday, June 18, 2011

List-mania and some other randomness

  • I have Awesome!! Make My Week! kind of news. But it's not mine to share. And you know it's killing me.'s not mine to share. Instead, how bout if we cut a deal. I will make a list of those things I need to get accomplished over the next two weeks and then, whether the news is divulged in another way (in a comment here, a text, or FB) or not, I will spill the beans on the Fourth of July so long as I've accomplished everything on my list. That is my deal.
    • Finish the family room floor
    • Finish the dining and kitchen areas
    • Caulk and paint the builtin
    • Paint the fireplace and mantle
    • Clean the garage
    • Paint Scrunch's room
    • Built the barrel planters
    • Plant pumpkins
  • I am going to be the one benefiting from this little deal, but it  also serves as a little motivation. Because after I finish this round of projects I'm going on Summer vacation. While I'm at it, I've devised my Summer Reading List. None of them listed are Earth shattering and I know almost nothing about any of these books.
Back When We Were GrownUps
The Birth House
The Tailor's Daughter
Sarah's Key
The Red Tent

Realistically, by the time I finish my lists, it will be time to start the Christmas shopping list. Still...well, what's another list anyway?
  • I wish I had more energy, more time, more people I liked. I keep having ideas for a Book Club/Party to discuss (laugh) about Bossypants and another one for a weekly craft day called Christmas in July where we work on all our Christmas crafting and preparations in July, but...well, I don't know who I'd invite or if people would come. I've decided that making, keeping, and continuing to like chick friends is worse than dating. And not like I have any experience to speak of when it comes to the single scene. I married my second boyfriend almost a decade ago. Will she call? Am I a good enough housekeeper? Cook? Did she have a good time? Will she be offended? Do our kids get along? Maybe she doesn't think skinny jeans are my thing...blah, blah, blah. Worse than dating!
  • Mickey Mouse and all things Walt are right up there with baseball and apple pie. You just have to be okay with them. It's just the way it is. My Dad working for Disney and The Mouse might also have something to do with the contents of the most recent package to arrive on my doorstep. Holy freaken' cute!

  • I would love to have more pictures of them sunning on the beach, but I was trying to keep them both from drowning. Neither one of them have ANY fear of the water. A little fear might be appreciated by their Mom. Instead Scrunch was trying to swim out to the dock and Porkchop walking like a crab right out into the water to blow bubbles. It pleases me to no end that they like going to the lake as much as I like taking them. 

  • Papa is gone hiking and I'm terrible at the bedtime routine. My very efficient cop out was to make a pajama run to The Depot (o.k. AND Lowes) and have them fall asleep in the car on the way home. 
    • I don't understand the three piece pajamas from Carter's. Why just the three? They don't ever just pee on one piece of clothing? If they wanted an odd number, five would have made more sense. Who am I to judge? I take babies in their pajamas and past their bedtime to Home Depot to buy yet another gallon of paint. Oh, and I wish Costco would buy the same shopping carts they have at Lowe's. They have the BEST shopping carts!


    danielle said...

    I'll craft with you! You don't even have to date me. I'm easy. Just ask Ellie.

    Ellie said...

    Here is my list:
    -You are for sure living in Crazytown.
    -I think skinny jeans would look good on your long skinny legs. (I might hate you for those...)
    -skinny jeans are NOT my thing. I have what some people call SaddleBags
    -I will order Bossypants today
    -I have fabric to donate to your craftiness.
    -im off to lowes right now!

    milkman0 said...

    Danielle is easy. And not in the slutty kind of way.

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